To facilitate our upcoming exhibition at CoCA Center on Contemporary Art in Seattle, WA.  we decided to throw a Kickstarter campaign to help out costs associated with delivering the exhibition. Rewards are offered at up to 50% off for the first time, available to ship worldwide. Be part of our journey. Become a backer and spread the word.

Here is the link to our Campaign https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mizzonk/debut-the-installation-nothing-and-everything-in-t

We were very thrilled to be given a free booth at the Circle Craft Christmas Market to gather stories for the Defining Moments Project.  Many thanks to Paul Yard from Circle Craft for their support!


Roger put together this video.  Check it out!


For those of you who haven't participate, please participate here.  We'd love to know your story!


On Sat, we saw lots of people at the fair, but I must say that a lot of adults were preoccupied with their kids/grandkids. It was hard for them to take a moment to absorb such question "What moments have shaped you...you?" Here are some photos from Sat. The next day, we decided to make it into a self-serve participation station. The result was that the number of submissions we received doubled from the previous day. People love to be left alone. We get it!!! And we respect that completely.


We loved all the submissions, stories of people's lives unfolded as we read them. We are so grateful for all the people who participated. Anonymous submission is open online 24/7 worldwide. And you are welcome to type in your mother tongue. We won't alter any word because we truely don't believe that translation can capture everything.


Participate now... because if you don't tell your own story, who will?

Be part of our artwork.  We will archive all the stories.  Wan-Yi

    City of Maple Ridge

    News Release




July 13, 2016 #16-39

For further information, contact:

Yvonne Chui at 604-467-7415




Local Artists Launch DEFINING MOMENTS – Tell Us Yours! 
A new community public art project and exhibition

Maple Ridge, BC: This month, artists Roger Chen and Wan-Yi Lin will launch the first phase of a participatory public art project called DEFINING MOMENTS – Tell Us Yours!   The public will be asked to share anonymously what they consider as an experience, moment, or life-changing encounter from their past that set them off on a new path, forged an important belief or inspired a deeply-held philosophy.  A ‘defining moment’ could be the result of many things: an admired family member, friend, teacher, leader or stranger, places that can set off a ‘eureka’ moment, or a special connection with a musical instrument, sport or hobby. We have many defining moments throughout our lives.


Roger and Wan-Yi, who operate from their Fraser Valley-based studio called Mizzonk, plan to collect these stories, store them anonymously in a secure depository and ultimately include them in an exhibition at The ACT Art Gallery called (you guessed it), DEFINING MOMENTS. What will it look like? Nobody knows just yet, because the experience of collecting the participants’ stories will very much shape the final outcome, an exhibition at The ACT Art Gallery from June 13 – July 17, 2017. The resulting exhibition is bound to be beautifully crafted and informed by the quiet reflections of these two very thoughtful artists whose work is typically marked by an austere, introspective beauty reminiscent of much Asian art. You may encounter Roger and Wan-Yi at this year’s upcoming Country Fest celebration on July 23 & 24, the Haney Farmers Market and other festivals and events. 


Alternatively, you can still participate in the project by submitting your ‘story’ in one of the boxes, (actually called ‘stations’) that will be soon be in place in various public spots including the Leisure Centre lobby, The ACT Arts Centre lobby and the Maple Ridge Public Library.  In fact, you don’t even have to leave home to participate in this project, as you can submit your ‘story’ at the project’s website, www.ourdefiningmoments.org, where you can also find more information. 


The award-winning artist team has been working from their design and art studio at Whonnock, BC, for a number of years, in a style befitting the name of their partnership - Mizzonk. The name was actually inspired by a monk’s devotion to contemplation and his work. The muse for the Mizzonk studio is often invoked through subjects such as introspection, self-awareness, memories and identity.


Originally from Taiwan, the artists met at the distinguished Pratt Institute, New York where Wan-Yi Lin was awarded a MFA in Sculpture and Roger Chen, a BA in Architecture. Fortified through their personal strengths, training and shared passions they create objects, desktop, and wall art with meaning and purpose. In the recent years, Wan-Yi and Roger have moved on to up-scaled installation artwork and outdoor sculpture.


The project is funded in part by a community public art grant from the City of Maple Ridge’s Public Art Steering Committee and the exhibition will be mounted by The ACT Art Gallery.


For further information please contact Yvonne Chui, Arts & Community Connections Manager at 604-467-7415 orychui@mapleridge.ca or Barbara Duncan, Curator, The ACT Art Gallery at 604-476-4240 or barbarad@mract.org.

After a few prototypes, we have created the first participation station.  All you need is a wall to hang! Would you like to host one?  




Project website -  www.OurDefiningMoments.org is a must visit site to learning everything about this one-year long participatory art project.  The project is funded in part by a community public art grant from the City of Maple Ridge’s Public Art Steering Committee and the exhibition will be mounted by The ACT Art Gallery in June 2017.  


We are launching the first phase soon at the Country Fest at https://www.mrpmcountryfest.com/  in Albion Fairgrounds on July 23 and 24 2016.  Take part in this meaningful project and your participation will become part of the project artwork and the exhibtion.  Anyone can submit herehttp://www.ourdefiningmoments.org/tell-us-anonymously.html 


So lately we have been finalizing and creating all the components for the project, starting from a project logo to a website, participation cards, station/ drop off boxes.  Lots of drawings to share here.


Brain storming on 2 types of participation stations, small and big ones.   

Big or small, they will be super cool.... 

A mistake needs to be corrected.    "Take me for a few dollars, not $1.  That's right.  Support this project by taking home a beautiful silhouette person made out of MDF.  These people have the body languages that keep you engaged.  Bring them home to your loved ones and support the project ! 

Serious drafting by Roger.  It is both art and engineering!




There are differences between an artist and a designer. An artist feels things, engages with his/her own emotions and makes work that is inseparable from whom he/she is. A designer works within a program to solve problems, challenge the impossibles and achieve the unordinary. It is interesting for me to watch the shift that is happening in Roger, from being a designer to an artist who has always felt that things he does in life are beyond means and purpose, but hasn't had until now to ask all the questions an artist would. - wan-yi


Roger shooting time lapse of a new art project


Roger and I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery last night.  The 2-hour member only

opening night was very crowded.  

Here are some of the art pieces that stick in my mind:


This installation below by Barbara Kruger really stops you as you enter the gallery-

The whole exhibition takes up the whole 4 floors of the gallery, a very impressive exhibit.  


Drawing by John Cage.  I love how it is poetic and structural at the same time.  When we created Silent Melodies, I learned so much about music notes from a visual perspective.  I started looking at music notes as both science and art.


Chair by Tom Dixon

This chair struck me because it was portrayed as if it was a human figure.  It is more of a sculpture than a chair to me.  Dixon has created a beautiful line of lamps that was carried and beautifully marketed by many design stores in the word.  When ABC Home in NYC carried our Humble Bed, I remember seeing the whole collection of Dixon's lamp in their store.  Among his work I have seen, I must say this chair is my favorite.

Masks by Brian Jungun

Jungun is a very talented artist .  He is one of few contemporary artists who processes skills in making their ideas speak fully.  I love the universal spiritual presence in his work.


Mural/ Wall Paper of her installation work by Haegue Yang

Haegue Yang is a Korean born installation artist who lives and works in both Korea and Germany. Her installation work is amazingly complex, spatial and sensual. 



"Another Mountainman" by Stanley Wong, an installation made out of a plastic material with the pattern/colors that are popular in Asia.  We were so amused by this installation because of the familiarity of the material and memories of it.  The artist creatively constructed an entire room with beautiful details.  I wanted to stay longer in this room to soak up the atomersper, but we were ask to leave as the gallery was closing. 

Post written by Wan-Yi Lin






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