“MIZZONK,” a name inspired by a monk’s devotion to contemplation and his work, is an award-winning collaborative art and design studio based in the Greater Vancouver Area in BC Canada.

Co-founders, Wan-Yi Lin, MFA in Sculpture and Roger Chen, BA in Architecture, combine their training and passions to create objects, desktop, and wall art with meaning and purpose. In the recent years, Wan-Yi and Roger began to create installation artwork and outdoor sculpture.

Mizzonk's work evoke the senses and stimulate the relationship between one's inner world and its connection to one's outer world. Both founders believe that a person's relationships with others and with the world start with an introspective view and the exploration of one’s inner self.

Subjects in Mizzonk's art include consciousness, introspection, human nature, the human condition, memories, and identity.

In stripped- down, minimal and timeless appearance, Mizzonk's art invites the viewer to engage. It creates conversation, invites imagination and calls for contemplation.


Wan-Yi Lin
Master of Fine Arts, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Bachelor of Arts, California State University, Sacramento, Sacramento, California, USA

Wan-Yi works with clay, paper, sand, and found objects. She loves to be in her garden, stroll in nature, collect wild mushrooms and is fascinated by the human mind.

Roger Chen
Bachelor of Architecture, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Through curiosity and discipline of learning, Roger has accumulated extensive knowledge and hands-on experiences in creating small to large scale work. He is skilled in designing, problem-solving and working with a wide range of materials. He loves gardening, cooking, fishing, photographing and collecting old and beautiful things. Check out Roger's Instagram to see what he is up to.













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