Wan-Yi Lin and Roger Chen (collectively known as Mizzonk) live and work in the Whonnock area of Maple Ridge, BC. They combine their artistic training and passions to create objects, desktop works, wall art, sculpture and installations with meaning and purpose. Their desktop works were carried by museum stores including the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. In recent years, Wan-Yi and Roger began to create installation and outdoor artwork. Recent exhibitions include the Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition in La Conner, WA, the TID Award Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan, and an installation solo show at the Center on Contemporary Art in Seattle, WA.



Wan-Yi Lin


Wan-Yi Lin, co-founder of Mizzonk, received her Master of Fine Arts from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Wan-Yi works with clay, paper, sand, and found objects. She loves to be in her garden, stroll in nature and is fascinated by the human mind.



Roger Chen


Roger Chen, co-founder of Mizzonk, received his Bachelor of Architecture from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Since his degree, Roger’s intense curiosity has led him to pursue a path of independent and dedicated study, which has resulted in the accumulation of extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in creating small to large-scale work. He is skilled in design, problem solving and working with a wide range of materials. He loves gardening, cooking, fishing, photography and collecting old and beautiful things.






Living on 6-acres of land in a natural, rural setting has undeniably changed us in many ways. Nature is a powerful force that leads us to self-discovery. When listening to the sound of our running creek and watching ripples effortlessly travel in our pond, it is impossible not to be present and to feel awe.


Our works are the outcome of intuitive curiosity and self-discovery, processes that are inspired from living in abundant quietude and solitude. Amid a secluded life, the path leading to self-finding emerges naturally. Mindfulness and truthfulness come hand in hand, both deepening our connection with the inner self. This increasing feeling of depth helps us centre ourselves when facing challenges in life.


The themes in our artwork emerge from observing the impact on our minds of an ever-changing environment, and are also driven by our own journey in life as we experience self-perception, thoughts of conflict, search for meaning, and a desire to find peace.


Using a variety of materials such as wood, clay, paper, sand, concrete, metal, found objects and text, we create installations, wall art, objects, sculptures and participatory art. Most recently, we have incorporated photography, video and sound in our installation artwork.