Defining Moments


We are collecting people's life stories, moments that have shaped us into the way we are today.  This participatory art project "Defining Moments" gives us a permission to invite the public to take a moment to reflect upon our own life.  Through sharing and reading anonymous stories, we hope the project will increase self-awareness and encourage social empathy.    - Wan-Yi and Roger


Led by artist team Roger Chen and Wan-Yi Lin / Mizzonk, the project consists of two phases:


Phase 1 : Public participation, both online and at participation stations.
Phase 2 : Exhibition at the ACT Gallery, Maple Ridge, BC Canada  June 17 - July 15  2017


Visit Project Website at www.OurDefiningMoments.org and participate.  Press release here.


The project is funded in part by a community public art grant from the City of Maple Ridge’s Public Art Steering Committee and the exhibition will be mounted by The ACT Art Gallery. 



Would you like to support the "Defining Moments" Public Participatory Art Project 2016-2017?


We accept contribution and will provide Thank-You Gifts created by Mizzonk. Online details will be available soon. All contribution will go to the completion of the project. Please note that this is contribution only, not a donation because no tax receipt will be issued. Paypal does not offer contribution button; therefore we can only use Donate button.


Online contributions made to the "Defining Moments" project on this website will be received through Mizzonk Paypal Account.


Thank you so much for your support. Your contribution will help the project team Wan-Yi Lin and Roger Chen to complete the project and create the project exhibition on June 17 - July 15, 2017.



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