What moments have shaped you into…you?

A Journey Within - defining moments is a participatory public art project and exhibition. In July 2016, we started to invite the public to anonymously participate in the project. We ask the public “What moments have shaped you into you?” As of May 15, 2017, we received 271 responses, many of which touched our hearts. Even after the project was concluded, we continued to receive submissions online until we closed the project website.

The stories we received are evidence that we are all unique in many ways and that personal growth is an invisible yet significant factor influencing our makeup.  Often times, a moment of clarity provides truth, and that truth can hurt us, bring us joy, or move us.  Knowing this makes navigating life a little easier.

Defining Moments project exhibition comprises several art pieces that collectively reflected different aspects of the project.  
The main installation “Archive” honours each personal story, which is individually accessible in eight viewing structures.  The installation also portrays an on-going process of mounting submitted stories which implies that self-discovery is a perpetual process. 

The project is jointly funded by the Maple Ridge Public Art Steering Committee and The ACT Arts Council.

Artwork in the project exhibition: Paper Trail, Charcoal, Hidden Clock, Behind the Scene Documentary