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"Me and My Quiet Thoughts" was first released in print with a custom frame a few years back. The text was written by me. We showed and sold the framed print version at different shows we traveled to do. The response from people was beyond our expectation.


Roger has always been very in tuned with surroundings, for example, a person's environment, placement of an object or an artwork. After the shows, Roger felt we should give this artwork an environment that prepares people to access their inner thoughts and feelings.


This artwork speaks about a person's shifts of views of self. There is a huge spectrum of emotions that take place among those shifts. So we both agree that a natural environment would be an ideal setting.


No doubt we immediately agreed to cast text in concrete which will withstand elements. The whole process would involve making an original mold in wood, experimenting on different concrete formulas,  a rubber mold for casting each concrete slab, the support structure in the slabs, and welding support to hold concrete slabs.


What I really love about Roger is his courage to jump into the unknown. He self-taught almost everything. And the more he learns, the faster he learns on new things. A lot of steps in the entire process were new to us, but as always; Roger did it and succeeded in every step. He said he learned so much from researching and trying.  I, on the other hand, learned so much just by being with him.     -wan-yi