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It was not our first time visiting Kyoto, but it was surely the first time we were able to appreciate everything.

When I was 16, I visited Kyoto for the first time. I remembered the temples were grand and beautiful, but so was the Disney World to me at the time. Roger said he visited Kyoto when he was very young, so he didn't remember much.

Many people thought we were Japanese descendants because of how our works feel- calming, and meditative.

For years, Roger and I had the wish to visit Kyoto together. We felt our first visits didn't count. We needed a second chance. This time, we would immerse ourselves in this 1000 year- old city.

We spent 11 days in Kyoto visiting mostly UNESCO temples. The temples were crowded, but people were very orderly and quiet. It was amazing to be in huge crowds without hearing people talking.

The architectural details were stunning, thoughtful and full of surprises. They amazed us in a very quiet way. There were many moments we were stunned and completely in awe. I don't have better words to describe so I will let the photos tell....

                                                                                                    - wan-yi



All photos by Roger Chen with Mizzonk