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Roger and I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery last night.  The 2-hour member only

opening night was very crowded.  

Here are some of the art pieces that stick in my mind:


This installation below by Barbara Kruger really stops you as you enter the gallery-

The whole exhibition takes up the whole 4 floors of the gallery, a very impressive exhibit.  


Drawing by John Cage.  I love how it is poetic and structural at the same time.  When we created Silent Melodies, I learned so much about music notes from a visual perspective.  I started looking at music notes as both science and art.


Chair by Tom Dixon

This chair struck me because it was portrayed as if it was a human figure.  It is more of a sculpture than a chair to me.  Dixon has created a beautiful line of lamps that was carried and beautifully marketed by many design stores in the word.  When ABC Home in NYC carried our Humble Bed, I remember seeing the whole collection of Dixon's lamp in their store.  Among his work I have seen, I must say this chair is my favorite.

Masks by Brian Jungun

Jungun is a very talented artist .  He is one of few contemporary artists who processes skills in making their ideas speak fully.  I love the universal spiritual presence in his work.


Mural/ Wall Paper of her installation work by Haegue Yang

Haegue Yang is a Korean born installation artist who lives and works in both Korea and Germany. Her installation work is amazingly complex, spatial and sensual. 



"Another Mountainman" by Stanley Wong, an installation made out of a plastic material with the pattern/colors that are popular in Asia.  We were so amused by this installation because of the familiarity of the material and memories of it.  The artist creatively constructed an entire room with beautiful details.  I wanted to stay longer in this room to soak up the atomersper, but we were ask to leave as the gallery was closing. 

Post written by Wan-Yi Lin