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Project website - is a must visit site to learning everything about this one-year long participatory art project.  The project is funded in part by a community public art grant from the City of Maple Ridge’s Public Art Steering Committee and the exhibition will be mounted by The ACT Art Gallery in June 2017.  


We are launching the first phase soon at the Country Fest at  in Albion Fairgrounds on July 23 and 24 2016.  Take part in this meaningful project and your participation will become part of the project artwork and the exhibtion.  Anyone can submit here 


So lately we have been finalizing and creating all the components for the project, starting from a project logo to a website, participation cards, station/ drop off boxes.  Lots of drawings to share here.


Brain storming on 2 types of participation stations, small and big ones.   

Big or small, they will be super cool.... 

A mistake needs to be corrected.    "Take me for a few dollars, not $1.  That's right.  Support this project by taking home a beautiful silhouette person made out of MDF.  These people have the body languages that keep you engaged.  Bring them home to your loved ones and support the project ! 

Serious drafting by Roger.  It is both art and engineering!