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July 13, 2016 #16-39

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Local Artists Launch DEFINING MOMENTS – Tell Us Yours! 
A new community public art project and exhibition

Maple Ridge, BC: This month, artists Roger Chen and Wan-Yi Lin will launch the first phase of a participatory public art project called DEFINING MOMENTS – Tell Us Yours!   The public will be asked to share anonymously what they consider as an experience, moment, or life-changing encounter from their past that set them off on a new path, forged an important belief or inspired a deeply-held philosophy.  A ‘defining moment’ could be the result of many things: an admired family member, friend, teacher, leader or stranger, places that can set off a ‘eureka’ moment, or a special connection with a musical instrument, sport or hobby. We have many defining moments throughout our lives.


Roger and Wan-Yi, who operate from their Fraser Valley-based studio called Mizzonk, plan to collect these stories, store them anonymously in a secure depository and ultimately include them in an exhibition at The ACT Art Gallery called (you guessed it), DEFINING MOMENTS. What will it look like? Nobody knows just yet, because the experience of collecting the participants’ stories will very much shape the final outcome, an exhibition at The ACT Art Gallery from June 13 – July 17, 2017. The resulting exhibition is bound to be beautifully crafted and informed by the quiet reflections of these two very thoughtful artists whose work is typically marked by an austere, introspective beauty reminiscent of much Asian art. You may encounter Roger and Wan-Yi at this year’s upcoming Country Fest celebration on July 23 & 24, the Haney Farmers Market and other festivals and events. 


Alternatively, you can still participate in the project by submitting your ‘story’ in one of the boxes, (actually called ‘stations’) that will be soon be in place in various public spots including the Leisure Centre lobby, The ACT Arts Centre lobby and the Maple Ridge Public Library.  In fact, you don’t even have to leave home to participate in this project, as you can submit your ‘story’ at the project’s website,, where you can also find more information. 


The award-winning artist team has been working from their design and art studio at Whonnock, BC, for a number of years, in a style befitting the name of their partnership - Mizzonk. The name was actually inspired by a monk’s devotion to contemplation and his work. The muse for the Mizzonk studio is often invoked through subjects such as introspection, self-awareness, memories and identity.


Originally from Taiwan, the artists met at the distinguished Pratt Institute, New York where Wan-Yi Lin was awarded a MFA in Sculpture and Roger Chen, a BA in Architecture. Fortified through their personal strengths, training and shared passions they create objects, desktop, and wall art with meaning and purpose. In the recent years, Wan-Yi and Roger have moved on to up-scaled installation artwork and outdoor sculpture.


The project is funded in part by a community public art grant from the City of Maple Ridge’s Public Art Steering Committee and the exhibition will be mounted by The ACT Art Gallery.


For further information please contact Yvonne Chui, Arts & Community Connections Manager at 604-467-7415 or Barbara Duncan, Curator, The ACT Art Gallery at 604-476-4240 or