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On Sat, we saw lots of people at the fair, but I must say that a lot of adults were preoccupied with their kids/grandkids. It was hard for them to take a moment to absorb such question "What moments have shaped" Here are some photos from Sat. The next day, we decided to make it into a self-serve participation station. The result was that the number of submissions we received doubled from the previous day. People love to be left alone. We get it!!! And we respect that completely.


We loved all the submissions, stories of people's lives unfolded as we read them. We are so grateful for all the people who participated. Anonymous submission is open online 24/7 worldwide. And you are welcome to type in your mother tongue. We won't alter any word because we truely don't believe that translation can capture everything.


Participate now... because if you don't tell your own story, who will?

Be part of our artwork.  We will archive all the stories.  Wan-Yi