I Am The One Man Show - The Beginning


"I Am The One Man Show - The Beginning" will be debuted at 5:30 pm to 9 PM on Dec. 22nd, 2018 at the Outdoor Plaza of the Pingtung Performing Arts Center in Pingtung, Taiwan. The City of Pingtung is Roger's birth city and hometown.

Since 2014, the artist Roger Chen started filming himself working on his projects. "I Am The One Man Show - The Beginning" is a 25 minute video, an introductory glimpse of a massive and ongoing documentation of Roger's projects in the past 4 years. The whole documentation up to date contains over 3000 hours of labour intensive projects that were executed by himself alone. The documentation includes time lapse, videos and photographs. 

Roger's projects are in a considerable variety demonstrating his innumerable interests in diverse subjects. His attention to details and the ability to self teach have enabled him to acquire common to skilled trade skills that become exceptionally useful in custom creating a unique way of living. 

Through his camera lens, Roger was able to see himself with a more objective perspective and began questioning himself if the need to learn new things is based on fear or joy. The answer may not always be certain and shifts sometimes, but the courage to ask such question is liberating. 

我是場獨角戲-序幕 將於2018年12月22日下午5:30至9點在台灣屏東屏東表演藝術中心戶外廣場首次公演。屏東市是陳哲實(Roger Chen)的出生跟成長的故鄉。

自2014年以來,藝術家陳哲實(Roger Chen)開始用相機記錄自己所做的工作, 工作種類大小非常多樣而且都是一人完成,到目前已經記錄了超過3000小時。 我是場獨角戲-序幕 是一個25分鐘的視頻,短暫地體驗過去4年大量記錄的一小部分。


透過鏡頭,陳哲實(Roger Chen)開始能夠用比較客觀的視角看自己,並開始質疑自己為何有需要去常常學習新的事物和技能,這需求是基於恐慌還是喜樂? 答案永遠不是這麼黑白,但能提出這樣的問題就是一種解放。