Light Study on Sand by Wan-yi Lin

Light Study on Sand

Natural Sand, 72" x 44" 
Installed on concrete floor 

A temporary stillness cast in sand, however beautiful, might vanish in a swipe.

“Nothing and Everything” intends to illuminate that moment, a solitary moment to question if there is meaning in the impermanent nature of life.   

The frame has two symbolic meanings: it is a gateway to past, present and future moments; it is a mirror reflecting the viewer’s mind.

Under the directional lights and with movement of the viewer, two sides of each grain of sand are always visible, undulating with the appearance and disappearance of every moment and thought.
人的心境似意識流, 如每一剎那的過往, 不停不止, 在空曠寧靜的空間裡, 微光下, 由短暫易逝的沙框來詢觀者, 一切虛實有無, 臥於觀者之心.