me and my quiet thoughts

The text-based concrete sculpture Me and My Quiet Thoughts contains contrast shifting views that one has on the self at different moments. Written and signed by the artist Wan-Yi Lin, the text conveys the shifting moments of finding and recognizing one’s own self-worth and humanity. When one connects with the core of being, it becomes possible to see humaneness not only in the self but in others.

Two reasons to cast the text in concrete, one is for permanency. Internal dialogues can matter, more than what people would like to believe. Making the text permanent suggests the power of inner thoughts. Another reason is to withstand the weather so viewers can see the artwork under the sun, the moon, fog, rain, and snow. The changes in a natural environment will echo the shifting dialogues in the artwork. Every moment is different and new.

This piece means a lot to me. This was the process of me facing myself truthfully from feeling insecure because of my imperfections to trying to be what I think the society expects me to be and to eventually understand the importance of self-love because without it, it is hard to have self-worth.

The small text represents self-talk and the big text is what I feel after the self-talk.

Although it is my personal journey; however, in a broader sense, I believe it can be relatable because we are wired to want to connect; yet, often we forget that once we are connected with our inner-self, it becomes so much easier to connect with other people.” - Wan-Yi

View the slide photos to read the complete text in the artwork.

Listen to the artist audio talk recording here

Me and My Quiet Thoughts debuted in 2016 at the La Conner Sculpture Exhibition in WA, USA. The sculpture remains on view until Spring 2019. Currently the sclpture is on view outside of the Library, part of the ArtsAlive outdoor schulptue exhiition in Oak Bay, BC until Spring 2020. To vote our sculpture for the ArtsAlive People’s Choice Award, please click here.

Size: 40" x  103" x  32" H

Materials: Concrete, hardware and Steel