Chingtao 21 Billboard Art


Around the end of Dec, 2017, upon our visit to Roger's home in Pingtung, Taiwan, we discovered a drastic change of environment across his home which is a 3- story townhouse. The city had demolished an old run-down government housing that used to occupy the entire block across the townhouse and had turned the site into a huge street parking lot. There are only 2 sets of entry/exit in this parking lot, one of them faces the townhouse dead on.


During the first two days of our stay, we felt less private and were bothered by the headlights shine through the windows at night. On the 3rd day, we decided to turn the unpleasant situation into an opportunity, an opportunity to quietly yet publicly bring art into this community. That's when Chingtao 21 Billboard Art Project was born, named after the address of the townhouse.


We intend to change image on the billboard a few times a year unannounced, starting with our own artwork and with a future possibility to include other artists' work.


Almost all the people in the area have never seen a billboard with no commercial purpose.  We feel that provides a perfect contrast to our intent.  




Billboard Image Size: 151' x 100' x 7"