Probable 4

The ephemeral installation Probable 4 stems from the same idea in the large installation Dust of Probabilities.

Probable 4 consists a small single cluster of sand and clay balls cast directly on a white wooden board and illuminated by built-in LED lights near an edge of the board. The lighting is part of the artwork. This installation is mounted tall and intends to be viewed closely by the viewer.

Instead of concentrating on a big picture of an inner universe, the installation Probable 4 intends to focus on a single cluster of an abstract imagery and brings the viewer’s attention to every grain of sand and clay ball by dramatically illuminating the installation.

The illumination provides each insignificant grain of sand a spotlight allowing it to communicate its presence that otherwise wouldn’t have been seen.

Based on the same analogy described in the artwork Dust of Probabilities, the artwork Probable 4 attempts to find hidden energy in seemingly inconsequential thoughts that often go unnoticed.

Size: 30” x 16” x 5” H; depending on installation site; the installation can consist of 3-9 sets of this artwork.  Each set will have a different composition.

Materials: natural sand, unfired clay, wood and LED lights