My home, garden, and dream

Seeker from a Distant Clamor is an art installation partaking of using conscious thoughts to find peace in the midst of chaos.

“Inspired and nurtured by my garden, I want to use mental images to create the world that I want to be in. However unreal the attempt may seem to be, it is authentic because it brings peace to my very being.

For the artwork, I use written phrases to present my visualization and stage a writer's desk and a chair to abstractly depict an ongoing visualization in the mind.

The words are arranged in three groups, under subjects of home, garden, and dreams which bring me to focus on my root, inseparable connection with nature and what I look for in life respectively; together, they help me to feel closer to the whole. Each phrase is a conscious observation from the past with words chosen to create menageries, enable human senses and connect with faith.

Using watercolor ink and brush, I attentively wrote text on strips of watercolor paper which are grouped by subject and arranged radially on low-rise round tables, creating an intended viewing approach that is to walk around the tables. By doing so, pauses between readings become possible to contemplate, similar to pauses required in reading a poem.

In the process of creating this artwork, I was fascinated by meaning and significance of seemingly insignificant things and memories; thus, I question what makes a person who he or she is, and how one is able to see clearly and access his or her own unique makeup to feel peace and whole in his/her own way?” — Wan-Yi

size: 170” x 170” 32”H

Material: watercolor ink and paper, wood, paint, lights, and found objects