Art on reaching CLARITY

Sort arrives from celebrating the spirit in organizing our surroundings. We recognize our sensitivity to our environment and embrace that sensitivity to the fullest extent.

During the activities of purging, sorting, organizing and fitting things we have in our space, mind and body become one. With all the activities we perform with our bodies, we feel the same activities happen inside of us like a mirroring effect. As our space clears up like a blank canvas, so do our minds and are open for possibilities.

Size: 43 1/4” x 43 1/4” x 4 3/4”

Materials: medium density board


透過分類整理, 歸納收藏的創作活動, 創作者身心合一地投入整個過程, 最後所呈現的結果是其外在世界與內心世界的相互映照. 在澄明的外在環境中, 自我的內在也達到和諧統一的境界. 邀觀者在光影中, 開始冥思一切的可能性.