Art. math. science.

The Rolling Square is a trickery for this physical world. The design is an invention. The artwork and the movement of the viewer create an illusion of squares rolling. The psychology behind the attempt to create that illusion is the stubbornness of a desire to manipulate and attract spectators as if that’s the only way to get people’s attention in this psychical world. To create such an invention, it requires a balanced understanding of art, math and engineering on our part. The result speaks to different people differently. Some are very curious to figure out the math, formula and construction in the design; some are disinterested in the illusion all together. We find as much satisfactory in observing the viewer’s response as in the exercising the stubbornness of making squares roll.

Size: 50 1/4" x 50 1/4" x 5 1/4"
Materials: Premium Acid Free Paper, Acrylic and Wood Custom Framed in Cedar by the Artists.